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In depth general sun sign forecasts for 2013


For better accuracy, these forecasts are divided into three sections, depending your birthday.


2013 EARLY TAURUS (Born around 20th-30th April).

This year begins with Saturn opposite, Pluto trine and Neptune sextile to your natal sun. Those born at the end of April will feel these influences the most. Neptune’s is the mildest influence, but it’s also the longest lasting, persisting through the entire year, and forming the background of all your other transits. Neptune’s basic power is to “dissolve boundaries”, including the barriers between people, the boundaries between imagination and visible reality, and the border between the physical and spiritual worlds. In the mild sextile aspect, channelling this power constructively should be comparatively easy. Your empathy with other people should be enhanced. Since your earthy sun sign connects you strongly to the material world, you should be especially able to empathise with the physical needs and suffering of others. Creativity should also be enhanced by this influence, so this would be a good time to develop craft or artistic skills. It’s also a good time for developing your psychic powers and intuition, which you might know already as a “gut feeling” that guides you sometimes. Pluto, in the harmonious trine aspect, should assist you at this time. Pluto’s quality is simply to “intensify” whatever else it touches. Under Pluto’s influence, you want to “be yourself”, discarding all that has previously impeded you. You’re able and willing to face the facts, to penetrate deeply into things normally ignored or kept secret. You feel the need to “call a spade a spade”, although the empathy gained from the ongoing Neptune sextile should help you to share your insights reasonably tactfully. Saturn’s potentially difficult opposition aspect will focus your attention on the limitations in your life, and given Neptune’s empathic influence you’ll also be aware of the sorrows and oppressions suffered by other people. You’ll understand the need for practical efforts grounded in reality. Given your earthy sun sign, you’ll be especially aware of material and physical problems. You should be able to accept the need for slow, steady progress in practical affairs, so the Saturn opposition won’t be as frustrating for you as for other sun signs.

Pluto and Saturn soon fall away, leaving Neptune as your only big influence through February-March. You can continue to develop your empathy and creativity. Without Saturn, life feels easier, but you’ll need to make a conscious effort now to keep focused on achievable goals in the real world, rather than useless daydreaming and sentimental sympathising.

From April to September Saturn returns, still in opposition to your natal sun, and moving through the whole group till September. So the background influence of Neptune, empathic and creative, is joined by the practical focus of Saturn. You’re aware of limitations and practical needs, and it’s essential that you use this awareness to motivate self-discipline and increased effort, rather than developing a pessimistic outlook.

In July-August Jupiter appears in sextile aspect, moving through the whole group. Mid July sees a “Grand Trine” of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in the water signs, powerfully focused on those born around 24th-25th April. All these planets are combining their powers, with Saturn at a standstill opposite your natal sun and the other two in the harmonious trine aspect. Life could get very frustrating at this point. Everything seems slow and difficult, authorities seem unhelpful and intransigent, laws and regulations seem designed to frustrate you. The easier influences of Neptune and Jupiter can help you through this time. Neptune frees up your imagination, and helps you take a more “spiritual” outlook, “lifting you up” above the present limitations of this world. Jupiter’s expansive, optimistic influence somewhat balances the limiting influence of Saturn. However the main thing to remember is that the Saturn transit will soon be over, so life should feel easier by the end of August. Note that Jupiter is moving fast, so for each of you his injection of optimism will last only for a week or so. You need to make the most of his influence while it lasts.

From August to November Pluto reappears in trine aspect, so Saturn, Neptune and Pluto combine through August-September. Saturn and Pluto affect the latter half of the group, Neptune the earlier. So the earlier born can continue to develop their empathy and creativity in practical ways, while the later-born can be building their endurance and self-discipline, and clearing out anything that prevents the full development of their personality.

Neptune and Pluto reign together in October-November, and Neptune alone by the year’s end, still focused on the earlier part of the group. Now that Saturn has moved on, life will generally seem easier. You can take stock of what you have achieved despite the frustrations and disappointments of the long Saturn opposition. Nothing similar will happen till the next Saturn square in 2020-2021.


2013 MID TAURUS (born around 1st-10th May).

 Saturn opposes your natal sun in January, but only for the earliest part of the Mid Taurean group, born around 30th April to 2nd May. The Saturn opposition is a potentially frustrating experience, drawing your attention to the limitations of living in the material world. Life generally seems more difficult, progress is slow, authorities and regulations seem opposed to you. On the positive side, Saturn’s influence can motivate you to greater effort and self-discipline, building the powers of endurance needed to get you through life’s inevitable difficulties.

In February-May Pluto’s influence is added, in trine aspect, and focused on the same birth dates as Saturn. Pluto is an “intensifying” influence, enabling you to penetrate deep into the heart of any problems that impede your progress, discarding obsolete habits and ideas.

From April to July Pluto is the only influence on your natal sun, as Saturn has slipped backwards. Life seems easier, and authorities and regulations less restrictive. Real breakthroughs are possible if you’ve maintained your efforts and built you powers of endurance through the previous three months. You now feel able to “be yourself” more intensely than ever before.

From August to October Jupiter sextiles your natal sun. This is an “expansive” influence, increasing your belief in self and others, motivating confidence, generosity, and open-mindedness. There’s some danger of laziness and gullibility, so you need to remember that even easy progress needs some effort on your part, and that not all people deserve your trust and confidence.

From October, Saturn returns, still in opposition and now moving rapidly forward through the whole Mid Taurus group. Each of you in turn will feel his slowing, frustrating influence for a few days.

In November he is joined by Pluto, still in trine, and still focused on those born at the very start of May. Finally Jupiter reappears in December. Jupiter’s sextile is not as powerful as Saturn’s opposition, but it should mitigate Saturn’s influence to some extent, helping you to recognise opportunities and possibilities for overcoming problems and getting rid of anything that prevents you from realising your potential.


2013 LATE TAURUS (Born around 11th-19th May).

 For all the sun signs, the last third of the sign is the quietest area this year. Wise souls will take this opportunity to prepare themselves for the big transits they will be experiencing from 2016 onwards. Strengthening your genuine friendships, and learning ways to control your emotional reactions, would be a good start. In the meantime, there’s nothing much happening with your natal sun other than Jupiter sextile in October-November, affecting those born around 10th-11th May. This is a mildly “expansive” influence, enhancing your belief in yourself and in other people, increasing your self-confidence and generosity. It’s a good time for making plans and having big ideas, although it’s probably best to wait until the transit passes before committing much time, money, or emotion to your schemes. Beware of free-loaders and get-rich-quick scams, which will appear more plausible at this time.

Bear in mind that these are only sun sign forecasts. You might well be experiencing transits to your natal moon, natal planets, or Ascendant, all of which can be almost as powerful as transits to your natal sun. These transits would be revealed by an individual analysis, based on your exact date, time and place of birth.

ARIES 2013

These sun sign forecasts are divided into three seperate sections, according to your birthday. They are thus targetted more accurately than the usual sun sign forecasts, which refer to the entire sign.

2013 EARLY ARIES (Born around 20th-31st March).

January has the most complex combination of influences for this group, with Uranus conjunct, Pluto square and Jupiter sextile to your natal sun. Jupiter and Pluto’s combined influence affects the latter half of this group, while Uranus affects those with earlier birth dates. The whole world is going through a long upheaval at present, due to Uranus squaring Pluto. Since Uranus is in your sun sign, you’ll be affected very personally by this great cosmic event, and you’ll identify with it, not oppose it. On a personal level, the Uranus-Pluto combination indicates an intensified desire for personal freedom and fulfilment. You want to manifest the individual qualities that make you unique- a person whom the world has never seen before and will never see again in exactly the same form. You want to innovate, to be original, to be recognised for who you are, and you’ve no patience with the customs, traditions and authorities that obstruct you. You want to ruthlessly sweep them all away! You felt this way already, indeed your most intense experience was in June 2012 when these planets squared exactly in the early parts of their respective signs. But the overall feeling persists- maybe energising you to some constructive efforts, or maybe just creating a vague underlying dissatisfaction and resentment. The sextile from Jupiter is a mild aspect, which should enable you to channel this energy constructively, instead of being overwhelmed by it. Jupiter is an expansive influence, enhancing your confidence and optimism, and enabling you to think the best of other people. The downside can be gullibility and laziness.

In February, Pluto moves on to focus on the Middle Aries group, while Uranus advances, combining his influence with Jupiter’s until March, after which Uranus reigns alone through April. You’re losing the ruthless intensity of Pluto, but you still feel the rebellious innovation of Uranus combined with Jupiter’s confidence and optimism. You’re probably less inclined to destroy the opposition, better able to see some good even in the forces who oppose you.

May and June are a quiet period, after which Jupiter reappears through July-August, this time in the more difficult square aspect and affecting the earlier half of the group. The downside of Jupiter’s expansive influence is rash overconfidence, gullibility, and fecklessly trusting to good luck instead of working toward your goals. You need the advice of your more cautious friends around this time, to avoid “rushing in where angels fear to tread”.

Pluto returns in August, still in square aspect, joined in conjunction by Uranus from October onwards. These two planets are in exact square with each other on 1st November, focused on those born 29th-30th March. This powerful influence homes in on almost the same people as in June 2012, a slightly different group to those most affected in September 2012 and May 2013. These people, born at the very end of March, will experience the full force of the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto combination. Whether your efforts are entirely personal, or combined with others for the greater good, the greatest need is to organise your energies constructively, and to refrain from dehumanising your opponents.


2013 MID ARIES (Born around 1st-10th April).

 After a quiet January, Pluto appears in square aspect to your natal sun from February onwards, focused on the earlier part of this group, and most intently on those born around 1st April. Pluto is a purely intensifying influence, and is always unsettling, especially in the square as this is the most difficult aspect. Your natural Arian qualities- impulsive, combative, impatient, competitive, and easily bored- are powerfully intensified by Pluto’s energy. You want to be the best, and to do everything immediately and instantly. Opposition feels intolerable, and any call for “caution” or “slowing down” feels like outright opposition! At this time you’ll learn the value of true friends, who have the guts to disagree with you, and whom you respect enough to listen to. You need techniques to calm your racing imagination, slowing down enough to get your foundations finished before the roof goes on. These techniques might be a long walk, weight lifting, prayer, mediation, or karate- anything so long as it works!

In April-May Pluto is joined by Jupiter (sextile) moving rapidly through the whole group, and Uranus (square) in May-September, affecting those born earlier in April. The exact square of Uranus and Pluto on 20th May focuses on those born around 1st April. This Uranus square Pluto combination will be stirring up the whole world from 2010 to 2016. As I wrote this in April 2012, it’s already brought the “Arab Spring” revolutions, the American “Tea Party Movement”, the British riots of August 2011 and the Libertarian and Extreme Conservative campaigns of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in the 2012 American Presidential election campaign. Since Uranus is in your sun sign, you’ll be affected very personally by this great cosmic event, and you’ll identify with it, not oppose it. On a personal level, the Uranus-Pluto combination indicates an intensified desire for personal freedom and fulfilment. You want to manifest the individual qualities that make you unique- a person whom the world has never seen before and will never see again in exactly the same form. You want to innovate, to be original, to be recognised for who you are, and you’ve no patience with the customs, traditions and authorities that obstruct you. You want to ruthlessly sweep them all away! As Jupiter’s influence pans across this group of people, you’ll each feel his expansive, optimistic, generous influence for a few days. Make the most of it- but don’t depend on this added power because it will not last.

In June-July, Uranus and Pluto dominate the picture. It’s time to consider the big ideas that Jupiter’s brief visit has inspired, as coolly as you can given the ongoing Uranus-Pluto influence. Seek the advice of your less impulsive friends before making any sudden moves. Whether your efforts are entirely personal, or combined with others for the greater good, the greatest need is to organise your energies constructively, and to refrain from dehumanising your opponents. If your efforts are combined with other people’s, you’ll be better able to make lasting changes, even though the individualistic Uranus energy may make cooperation difficult.

From August, Pluto falls back again, and is replaced by Jupiter, this time in square aspect and moving swiftly through the whole group until November. You’ve lost the ruthless, driving intensity of Pluto, but Jupiter’s difficult square aspect brings a danger of gullibility and rash overconfidence.

Pluto reappears from late November, and is the only big influence till the year’s end, with the same effects as in January. The outcomes need not be the same, however, as being informed by this forecast you will hopefully have learned from your experience in January!


2013 LATE ARIES (Born around 11th-19th April).

 The Late Arians will not feel the effects of Uranus until 2016, while Pluto’s influence will reach them even later. The combined influence of the present Uranus-Pluto transit will not affect them directly, although of course they will be affected indirectly due to its effects on friends, family, and society in general.

Your biggest transits this year are from Jupiter, which sextiles your natal sun in May-June, and squares it in October-November. The first transit affects the whole group, the second affects a smaller group born around 9th-10th April. Jupiter is an expansive influence, increasing your ability to believe. This includes self-belief or self-confidence, and also belief in the competence or worthiness of others. Old-fashioned astrologers referred to Jupiter as “the Greater Benefic”, implying that it was an entirely “beneficial” influence. However, this is very oversimplified and misleading. Jupiter’s benefits are obvious, but he can also be a harmful influence especially in the difficult square aspect. Jupiter’s downside is firstly an excessive, overconfident self belief, causing rash moves and lack of preparation. Rash actions are an especial danger for the Aries character, which is already naturally impulsive. Secondly, Jupiter’s increased belief in others could make you a “sitting duck” for sob-stories and other means of fraudulent manipulation. All proposals should be carefully and thoroughly investigated before committing energy and money to them, but such caution doesn’t come easily to the Aries character.




To save tedious repetition, this article explains the technicalities of aspects and transits in simple terms.

We all know that every day, the sun appears to move across the sky from east to west, and at night the stars and planets also seem to move in the same way. This apparent movement is actually caused by the earth, which is rotating in the opposite direction. Because we’re standing on the Earth, we don’t see it moving. Instead, the sky, sun and stars appear to move. There is also another apparent movement, which is a bit more complicated, and less familiar to the public. Suppose we could see the stars in daylight. In the course of any one day, the sun would remain amongst the same stars as they all moved across the sky together. So too would each planet. But if we watched carefully, we would find the sun in a slightly different place each day with reference to the stars. In one year, the sun goes right around the sky, so that every March 20th, for example, it’s in the same place with reference to the starry background. This is the basis of “sun sign astrology”. If for instance you were born on 20th December, in any year, then the sun would have been at around 28 degrees across the sign of Sagittarius. And it will return to that same point every year on your birthday.

In astrological language, we say that if you’re born on 20th December, your “natal sun” is at 28 degrees Sagittarius. The “natal sun” simply means the sun’s position at your birth, as shown in your birth chart.

If you watched the sun and planets for many years, measuring their positions against the starry background, you would see that they move within a narrow band of sky. This band is called the zodiac, and is divided into twelve zones of equal width, called the signs of the zodiac. In ancient times, the signs were named after constellations (groups of stars) that were located within them, but nowadays they no longer correspond with those constellations. So for instance when Mars is among the stars of Taurus, which form the shape of a bull’s head with a bright red eye, it is not actually in the astrological sign of Taurus. The constellations are of different sizes, and have no distinct boundaries, whereas the signs are of equal size and have definite boundaries, marked out at intervals of 30 degrees along the circular pathway of the zodiac.

Suppose that when you were born on 20th December, the sun was at 28 degrees Sagittarius, and Mars was at 28 degrees Gemini. Astrologers would say that your natal sun is opposite your natal Mars, 180 degrees around the zodiac from each other. They are in opposition aspect, because any important angle between two bodies is called an aspect. If Mars was at 28 degrees Virgo or Pisces, then your natal sun and Mars would be in square aspect, 90 degrees apart. If Mars were in Leo or Aries, your sun and Mars would be in trine aspect (120 degrees), and if he were in Libra or Aquarius, they’d be in sextile aspect (60 degrees). Finally, if Mars was also at 28 degrees Sagittarius, then your natal sun and Mars would be conjunct, or in conjunction aspect. These are the main aspects that could occur in your birth chart. And because the birth chart describes the moment of your birth, it doesn’t change. If you’re born with a sun-Mars opposition aspect, then you’ll always have the qualities associated with that aspect.

We must now consider transits. A transit is a temporary aspect. Planets can transit each other as they move through the sky. For instance, just recently when I looked out of my back window around sunset, I would see the beautiful sight of the new moon, Venus, and Jupiter all very close together in the evening sky. Astrologically, this was a conjunction of Moon, Venus, and Jupiter, and all the babies born recently will have the qualities associated with that combination.

Transits like this Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunction cause brief mood changes over a few days at most, but transits of the outer planets last much longer, and influence the human race for years at a time. Astrohistory is concerned with these outer planet aspects. They stimulate wars, revolutions, and new social, cultural, political and religious movements.

The most powerful effect of any transit is when its temporary effect combines with the permanent effect of an aspect in your birth chart. Returning to the example I gave earlier, suppose your natal sun is opposite your natal Mars, because they were in late Sagittarius and late Gemini respectively at the moment of your birth. And now let’s suppose that when you’re twenty years old, Saturn arrives at 28 degrees Pisces and Pluto arrives at 28 degrees Virgo. This would be a Saturn-Pluto transit, affecting everybody in the world to some extent. But for you specifically, both Saturn and Pluto would be transiting square to your natal sun and to your natal Mars! If you drew their positions on your birth chart, connecting them by lines, then the lines between Saturn, Pluto, and your natal sun and natal Mars would form a perfect square. At such a time, the collective mind of Humanity would be experiencing powerful mood changes, and you personally would be caught up in those mood changes, more so than the average person.

As I write this, the whole world is experiencing a Uranus square Pluto transit. Uranus is at almost 5 degrees Aries and Pluto is at 9 degrees Capricorn, so they’re still 4 degrees from exact square. In late June they’ll be exactly 90 degrees apart, at about 8 degrees 24 minutes in their respective signs. Moving on to 15th December 2014, and they’ll again be in exact square, but this time at 12 degrees 35 minutes in their respective signs. The effect on the world as a whole will be the same in each case, but the most powerful, personal effects will be experienced by slightly different groups of people. If for instance your birthday is around 28th March, then your natal sun is at 8 degrees Aries, and in June 2012 you’ll have Uranus conjunct and Pluto square to your natal sun, with very powerful effects. But if your birthday is around 2nd April, your natal sun would be at 12 degrees Aries, and you’d experience the most powerful effects during the 2014 transit.

Each outer planet transit lasts several years, during which the planets involved are within a few degrees of exact aspect. Astrologers allow a few degrees leeway on either side of the exact transit or aspect point. For instance, if your natal sun was at 28 degrees Sagittarius and your natal Mars was at 26 degrees Gemini, you’d still have a sun-Mars opposition, with an “orb” of two degrees. Personally I allow an orb of up to three degrees- most astrologers allow much wider orbs especially where the sun’s involved, but I find this gives too much vague information, making clear interpretation difficult.

Several exact transits occur within each of these long transits. Suppose both planets are in the same sign. One planet appears to overtake the other, “transiting conjunct” as it passes. It then slows down and goes “retrograde” (backwards), passing behind the other planet, and then goes “direct” (forwards) again, speeds up and passes by a third time. Of course, all of these accelerations and reversals are only apparent changes, as seen from the Earth. Just as when you’re in a faster train that overtakes a slower train, the slow train appears to move backwards if that’s all you can see. But if you’re watching from the station platform, you’d see both trains moving in the same direction.

By now you should be able to see the big limitation of sun sign astrology. The useful thing about sun sign astrology is that it doesn’t need any individual calculations. If your birthday is 28th March, then we know that your natal sun is around 8 degrees Aries, and will be transited by Uranus (conjunct) and Pluto (square) in June 2012. But without knowing the year of your birth, we cannot know the positions of the moon and planets and your birth date. Depending on what year you were born, you might have Mars in Libra opposite your natal sun, and Saturn in Cancer square to your natal sun and natal Mars, which would give a more complex and powerful effect to the Uranus-Pluto transit. So to conclude, sun sign astrology is based on your birthday, and refers only to the effect of transiting planets on your natal sun, which is the most important single point in your chart. But to know about transits to your natal planets, you would need a proper birth chart calculated from your actual date of birth. And to calculate transits to your natal moon and Ascendant, you would also need the time and place of birth. Transits of the outer planets to your natal planets, natal moon, and Ascendant will have very powerful effects, sometimes as powerful as the transits to your natal sun. But sun sign forecasts cannot tell you anything about these other transits, and that is the serious limitation of sun sign astrology.






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