31.01.14. Jupiter opposite Pluto. (New Moon on 30.01.14).


 26.02.14. Jupiter square Uranus.


Jupiter has a joyfully “expansive” influence, enlarging confidence in self and others. Previously impossible dreams seem easily achievable, and previously overwhelming difficulties now seem easily overcome. At best, Jupiter’s influence promotes generosity, seeing the best in other people and having greater faith in their good intentions. He encourages risk-taking, and possibly rash and ill-considered actions especially in the “hard” square and opposition aspects. The courage of Jupiter is the type of courage that simply ignores danger, unlike the courage of Saturn who plods on regardless, grimly determined even in a clearly hopeless situation.


    In late January and February the expansive power of Jupiter is added in quick succession to the influences of Uranus and Pluto as these approach each other and increasingly combine their own powers. So we can expect the revolutionary thought-current of the Uranus-Pluto combination to be boosted by a sense of great confidence and willingness to take risks. Innovators, rebels, reformers and revolutionaries will see their ideals as easily achievable. They will overestimate their own strength and underestimate the strength of the opposition. Rash, ill-considered schemes will be initiated at this time, especially around 31st January when the combined power of Jupiter and Pluto is poured into the Earth through the “gateway” of the New Moon.


    In understanding the possible effect of these transits, it is essential to realise that Jupiter is not an intrinsically “good” influence, any more than Mars and Saturn are intrinsically “bad”. There is no good or evil in astrology. The last transits of Jupiter to Uranus and Pluto coincided with the chemical attacks in Syria, and the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby by Islamist fanatics. It is likely that Lee Rigby’s murderers imagined they would inspire many other British Muslims to join their cause. Jupiter inspired them “to have faith in other people,” however in the light of their perverted ideology this meant “to believe that other Muslims would have the courage to join in their jihad.” However, for most people of any religion the Jupiter effect would more likely have enhanced their empathy for Lee Rigby and for the civilian bystanders who courageously remonstrated with the killers. The important point is that the planets do not “write upon a blank slate.” Their influence on any person is always determined by that person’s existing attitudes and beliefs, and their existing situation. This situation is in turn partly the result of previous transits throughout their life and the lives of their ancestors.


 20.04.14. Jupiter square Uranus and opposite Pluto.


21.04.14. Uranus square Pluto.


 Around this time the group-mind of humanity will experience the same thought-currents as in late January-February, but significantly more intense because the powers of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are now simultaneously combined. I’ve already discussed the effect of Jupiter, so I will now explain the combine influence of Uranus and Pluto in more detail.


    Uranus focuses individuals and groups upon their own unique needs and desires. Under his influence, individuals and social groups feel a pressing need to live in whatever way seems right to them, unrestricted by the needs and expectations of others, or by practical difficulties. They desire immediate freedom, not gradual piecemeal reforms. Note that one man’s freedom may be another man’s repression. For example, many people in the Muslim world are demanding the freedom to live under Islamic law, and regard liberal democratic values as an imposition by Western imperialism. Uranus is an innovative stimulus in all areas of life, including politics, social relationships, sexuality, the arts and technology. All progress requires some disregard of practical difficulties and conventions. Conservative persons, groups, and social systems will always resist change, no matter how advantageous the change may appear to the innovative minority.


    The added effect of Pluto is always to ruthlessly intensify the influence of any planet with which it is in aspect. The hard aspects, especially the square, are especially conducive to extremism and conflict, rather than a peaceful and harmonious expression of these energies. Pluto adds a ruthless and destructive intensity to anything he touches. He adds to the revolutionary thought-current of Uranus a desperate desire to achieve immediate change at all costs, destroying whatever stands in the way.


    If the Syrian civil war is still ongoing, both sides of that conflict will experience a boost of energy at this time. This is because both sides see themselves as defenders of freedom against repressive, narrow-minded tyranny. The Government forces see themselves as defending Syria’s secular, multicultural society against an unholy alliance of Western imperialism and the medieval barbarism of Al Qaeda. Meanwhile, the opposition seek their “freedom” to live under Sharia law, and to be “free” from other religious communities. Like most religious extremists, they see the mere presence of other religions as an intolerable oppression. These same considerations apply to all the other ongoing conflicts of the “Arab Spring.”


    In the Western world, this transit will boost the enthusiasm of new movements that oppose the “New World Order” and the “mainstream” outlook that it promotes in all areas of life. There will be renewed opposition to the power of the banks and multinational companies, the mainstream media, and the more authoritarian religious organisations such as the Roman Catholic Church. The Plutonic influence will however tend to energise a purely destructive attitude, rejecting mainstream democratic politics without offering anything to put in its place. Among older people, political movements offering simple but drastic solutions to complex problems will benefit from this transit. They can embody the Uranian thought-current because they are still seen as outsiders and innovators, not identified with the Establishment. The planets do not take sides between left and right, Muslim and Christian, or any other choice pair of so-called opposites. Uranus empowers whichever group can plausibly present itself as revolutionary and innovative. Today’s rebels are tomorrow’s Establishment.


 24.05.14. Jupiter trine Saturn. These planets have opposite effects, but in the harmonious trine aspect (120 degrees to each other) their effects can be complementary rather than in conflict with each other. Whereas Jupiter is “expansive”, bringing hope, joy, faith, confidence and generosity, Saturn has a “contracting” or “narrowing” effect, drawing our attention to limitations, difficulties, and to every negative and discouraging factor in ourselves, other people, and the Universe in general. Saturn reminds us that nothing is achieved without effort. However, where he combines harmoniously with Jupiter’s expansive influence, we may feel empowered to turn our hopes and dreams into practical reality. Success requires effort, but we have the strength to make that effort, we can grasp it if we only reach a little further.


    A study of recent history shows however that only some groups and individuals seem capable of utilising these combined energies. The alliance of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, for example, were favoured by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of the 1980s, while their left-wing enemies seemed incapable of using these energies constructively. There will be local and European Parliament elections in the UK on 22.05.14, two days before this transit, so whoever can capture the energies of the Jupiter-Saturn combination will surely do well. Since we will be only one month on from the Uranus-Pluto transit, with these planets still only two degrees from exact square, the revolutionary current will still be very powerful, and the Jupiter-Saturn combination will favour whichever faction needs to translate their dreams into practical reality. Movements who have appeared too idealistic may be enabled to present themselves as having a realistic, achievable programme conducive to solid long-term material prosperity (Saturn is a materialising influence, “condensing” airy dreams into solid reality). Given the ongoing Uranus-Pluto transit, this election looks better for outsiders and radicals rather than the established powers-that-be (the Tory-Liberal Democrat Coalition). UKIP seems most likely to benefit, but so could Labour if they can present themselves as genuinely radical and shed the negative memories of their previous period in government. Ed Milliband would gain more from these elections if he purges the right wing, authoritarian survivors from the Tony Blair era and brings in more radical elements.


 25.09.14. Jupiter trine Uranus (New Moon on 24.09.14).


 This transit also coincides with an election, namely the Scottish Independence Referendum which will be held a week previously on 18.09.14 (note that transits exert their greatest power in the run-up to the exact transit). Although we are still in the ongoing Uranus-Pluto transit, the most powerful interaction at this time will be the harmonious combination of Jupiter and Uranus. This will be somewhat different to the discordant square aspect in April. At that time Jupiter was in the water sign of Cancer, which is incompatible with the fire sign of Aries where Uranus is found. Now, however, Jupiter has moved into the fire sign of Leo, so the influence of both planets will have a fiery quality- inspirational, imaginative, and energising. This is a very hopeful transit for forward-looking innovators and seekers of radical change. Within the UK, the cause of Scottish independence, and its advocates the Scottish National Party, seems the obvious beneficiary of this transit. For the “Better Together” campaign (advocating ongoing union with England) to use these cosmic energies, they would need to do one of two things. They could present themselves as more genuinely radical than the SNP, who are already the ruling party in Scotland and therefore to some extent “Establishment.” They could portray Scottish Independence as a narrow, ungenerous, isolationist idea. However this sounds very unconvincing, as the SNP assert that an independent Scotland will embrace the outside world more easily without the drag of an England mired in nostalgia for its Imperial past. Alternatively they could identify themselves with the inevitable resistance to change that the Uranus-Pluto current automatically activates. However, this would be to identify themselves with fear, pessimism, and self-doubt- not an attractive political manifesto! For these reasons I believe the SNP will be much better placed to utilise the energies of this transit.


15.12.14. Uranus square Pluto.


 Around the year’s second Uranus-Pluto transit we may expect a milder version of the influences felt in April. The expansive influence of Jupiter is no longer present, and the winter weather will not be so conducive to mass demonstrations and riots. In warmer climates, however, we should see an upsurge of revolutionary activity.



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