For greater accuracy, these sun sign forecasts are divided into three groups according to your birth date.


EARLY CAPRICORN (Born 21st-31st December).

 Pluto and Uranus are the most powerful transits to your natal sun this year, with Pluto conjunct and Uranus square to your natal sun, sliding backwards and forwards between the Early and Mid Capricorn groups. Either of these transits would be a unique, life-changing experience, but you’re experiencing them both together, putting you very much in tune with the revolutionary changes which the Uranus-Pluto square transit is bringing to the world. The most persistent influence for you this year, however, is Neptune transiting sextile to your natal sun.

I’ll begin with the Neptune sextile, since although this is the mildest influence, it’s also the longest lasting, persisting through the entire year, and forming the background of all your other transits. Neptune’s basic power is to “dissolve boundaries”, including the barriers between people, the boundaries between imagination and visible reality, and the border between the physical and spiritual worlds. In the mild sextile aspect, channelling this power constructively should be comparatively easy. Your empathy with other people should be enhanced. Since your earthy sun sign connects you strongly to the material world, you should be especially able to empathise with the physical needs and suffering of others. Creativity should also be enhanced by this influence, so this would be a good time to develop craft or artistic skills. It’s also a good time for developing your psychic powers and intuition, which you might know already as a “gut feeling” that guides you sometimes.

The year begins with Pluto conjunct, Uranus square, and Neptune sextile to your natal sun. Their exact focus differs slightly, but the whole group will feel their combined influence to some extent. Pluto intensifies the basic qualities of your Capricorn personality. You’re intensely focused on practical goals, with great powers of endurance and grim determination. Uranus focuses attention on your individuality and uniqueness. It urges you to “be yourself”, breaking free from old customs, habits, rules and authorities. It’s a rebellious and revolutionary influence, especially when intensified by Pluto. The present Uranus-Pluto square is affecting the whole world, directly or indirectly, as we see in the “Arab Spring” and many other ongoing events. Everyone is feeling it, directly or indirectly, but you are affected on a very personal level. The mild background Neptune influence may enhance your empathy with the disadvantaged, and your ability to lose yourself in any mass movement in which you may participate. Not all of those affected by the Uranus-Pluto transit will be revolutionaries or reformers. But the Neptune influence makes it less likely that you’ll use these energies purely for your own individual advantage.

In February Pluto moves ahead into Mid Capricorn, leaving just Uranus and Neptune through February-March. You’re feeling much the same energies, but less intensely. However, any Pluto transit will have stimulated major advances in your realisation of your true self, with permanent results.

Saturn joins them in sextile aspect in early April, then Uranus moves on ahead at the end of April.

In May-June the Saturn and Neptune sextiles are a joint influence, focused intensely on those born around 27th December as Neptune comes to a standstill in early June. The mild Saturn influence draws attention to practical limitations, but in a potentially constructive fashion, helping you to focus on achievable, realistic goals, still motivated by Neptune’s background influence of creativity and empathy. In any case your serious Capricorn personality has a strong affinity for Saturn, and can see him as an ally, not an oppressor.

In July, Jupiter appears in opposition to your natal sun, moving swiftly through the whole group. Pluto meanwhile slips back into this group, again intensifying your serious practical efforts and powers of endurance. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune form a Grand Trine in the water signs in the middle of the month, focused very intensely on those born around Christmas. Jupiter’s brief visit brings a surge of expansive energy, with great confidence and generosity, but in the tense opposition aspect this may cause some impatience with those who don’t immediately sign up to your ideas.

Early August sees all four planetary influences still combined, but Jupiter soon moves ahead into Mid Capricorn.

September has Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in play, with Saturn and Pluto focused on the later-born and Neptune on the earlier-born half of the group. The later-born may be inspired to practical, constructive, serious efforts to regenerate their personality, sloughing off the limitations that have held them back for many years. The earlier born may feel a mild tendency to drift. Serious application to creative work should mitigate this danger.

Saturn moves on at the beginning of October, followed by Pluto in late November, but Uranus returns, reigning with Neptune till the year’s end. The New Year finds you still inspired to realise your individual goals and express your unique qualities in an innovative way, but hopefully with some empathy for those who may feel threatened by the changes you are making. You’re only becoming what you always were, freed from external limitations. But the “real you” may take some getting used to.


MID CAPRICORN (Born 1st-10th January).

 Pluto and Uranus are the most powerful transits to your natal sun this year, with Pluto conjunct and Uranus square to your natal sun, sliding backwards and forwards between the Early and Mid Capricorn groups. Either of these transits would be a unique, life-changing experience, but you’re experiencing them both together, putting you very much in tune with the revolutionary changes which the Uranus-Pluto square transit is bringing to the world.

January sees Saturn in sextile to your natal sun, joined by Pluto conjunct your natal sun in the last third of the month. Both are focused on the earliest-born members of the group. Pluto simply intensifies your serious, practical Capricorn personality, giving great powers of endurance. Saturn’s application to the real and achievable assists you in this process. Capricorn has great affinity for Saturn, as an ally, not an enemy or oppressor.

In February Saturn slow to a standstill, focused intensely on those born around 1st-2nd January. This is an opportunity for powerful effort, breaking down the biggest obstacles you face at present.

Saturn and Pluto’s combined influence continue through March.

In April Saturn slips back into the Early Capricorns, but Uranus appears in square aspect towards the end of the month. Uranus draws your attention to your unique qualities, prompting you to express yourself in innovative ways, uninhibited by customs, conventions, and other peoples’ expectations. The square is an uncomfortable aspect, so you could be very impatient with anyone who isn’t quick enough to see the world as you do.

As Uranus combines his influence with Pluto’s, you’re drawn into the great Uranus-square-Pluto transit that is stirring up the whole world from 2010 to 2016. As I wrote this in April 2012, it’s already brought the “Arab Spring” revolutions, the American “Tea Party Movement”, the British riots of August 2011 and the Libertarian and Extreme Conservative campaigns of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in the 2012 American Presidential election campaign. Since Uranus is in your sun sign, you’ll be affected very personally by this great cosmic event, and you’ll identify with it, not oppose it. On a personal level, the Uranus-Pluto combination indicates an intensified desire for personal freedom and fulfilment. You want to manifest the individual qualities that make you unique- a person whom the world has never seen before and will never see again in exactly the same form. You want to innovate, to be original, to be recognised for who you are, and you’ve no patience with the customs, traditions and authorities that obstruct you. You want to ruthlessly sweep them all away!

Pluto and Uranus combine their influence through May-July, reaching exact square with each other on 20th May, focused most intensely on those born around 1st-2nd January.

From mid-July Pluto slips back out of Mid-Capricorn, but Jupiter comes into play in mid-August, in the tense opposition aspect. Uranus comes to a standstill in mid-July, focused intensely on those born around 3rd January. You feel very restless at this point, impatient for immediate change. With Jupiter’s input everything seems easily achievable, and you can’t understand how anyone could be so slow and stupid as to disagree with your goals! You need to consciously use all your powers of self control, to avoid unnecessary conflict. Given your serious character, and the help of Saturn’s “grounding” influence, this should be easier for you than for other sun-signs.

August to mid-October sees the continued influence of Jupiter and Uranus. In late October Jupiter moves ahead and Uranus falls back, leaving only Saturn through November. Other folk may find you too serious for their liking, but serious is not the same as miserable or depressed. You enjoy effort and endurance, and can achieve very real progress till the year’s end.

Pluto reappears in December, focused on the earliest-born part of the group while Saturn focuses on the latest-born. The effect will be similar in either case- great seriousness, application to realistic goals, and increased powers of endurance. The earlier-born will feel especially impelled to “be themselves”, letting go of qualities that others have imposed upon them, that do not fit their natural personality.


2013 LATE CAPRICORN (Born 11th-19th January).

 A very quiet year for your natal sun. any life-changing experiences will come from transits to your natal moon, planets, or ascendant, which would be revealed by an individual birth chart analysis.

The only big event for your natal sun is Jupiter opposing it during his standstill in October-November. His influence will be intensely focused on those born around 11th January. At this point you feel restlessly expansive, confident and open-hearted, with bigger, bolder, more emotional inspiration than is usual for you. You may feel unusually sentimental, and lacking patience with those who do not share your feelings. You would be well-advised to avoid big financial or emotional commitments till this brief transit has passed over. The big ideas that Jupiter has brought may not seem so realistic after he has left you.


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