for greater accuracy, these sun sign forecasts are divided into three sections according to your birth date.


2013 EARLY SCORPIO (Born 23rd-31st October).

 This year, the most important influence on your natal sun is Neptune, which is transiting trine to your natal sun for the entire year. Neptune’s influence is focused on the earlier-born half of the Early Scorpio group. This transit continues for the entire year, and like all Neptune transits it’s a once in a lifetime experience, due to Neptune’s orbital period being much longer than a human life. The trine is the most harmonious aspect, so this year should be seen as an opportunity to benefit from Neptune’s influence.Neptune’s basic power is to “dissolve boundaries”. This includes the boundaries between people, between reality and imagination, and between the spiritual and material worlds. So a harmonious Neptune transit suggests increased empathy with other people. As Scorpio is a water sign, your empathy especially relates to other peoples feelings, rather than their thoughts. Don’t assume, however, that empathy is always entirely beneficial. You may find yourself empathising with other peoples’ negative emotions, like rage and hate, so you’ll need to remind yourself that these emotions are potentially destructive, even if you feel you understand their origins. You also need to learn to distinguish other peoples’ feelings from your own, so as to avoid being “infected” by their negativity. There are ways to “brush off” the bad feelings that may cling to you after meeting sad or angry people, and also ways to “insulate” yourself when you feel vulnerable.Because Neptune also dissolves the boundaries of reality, its influence also frees up your imagination, enhancing your powers of creativity. So this year is a good time to develop your creative talents, which by the way would be a good outlet for the emotions that you’re picking up from other people.

The barrier between the visible and spiritual worlds is thinner at this time, increasing your spiritual sensitivity. This has both positive and negative effects- you don’t want to be an “open channel” for every spiritual influence, and you do need to keep at least one foot on the ground. Mere emotion is often mistaken for a spiritual impulse, especially where wishful thinking is involved. You need to learn the ways of “grounding” yourself, and closing down your sensitivity when it could overwhelm you. Practical activity will help, especially outdoor work such as gardening. Some books recommend eating as an easy way of “shutting down the psychic centres”, but this results in many mediums becoming very obese, so I don’t advise it.

From January to March there is only the Neptune trine, with no other influences on your natal sun. (There could of course be transits to your natal moon and planets, or to your ascendant, but these would only be revealed by an individual birth chart analysis).

From April to June Saturn conjuncts your natal sun, moving through the later-born half of the group, thus his influence is rather separate from Neptune’s. Insofar as they do combine, their combination indicates an opportunity to express your empathy and creativity in practical ways, and to organise and persevere with your spiritual development.

In July these planets are joined by Jupiter in trine aspect, then in August by Pluto in sextile aspect. Pluto affects the latest-born members of this group, while Jupiter moves swiftly through the whole group. Pluto’s influence is thus fairly distinct from Jupiter’s, simply intensifying the already powerful passions of your Scorpio personality. Indeed, Pluto is said to have the greatest affinity for Scorpio out of all the planets. You’re feeling fiercely passionate, and quite comfortable with extremes of emotion. Jupiter brings a burst of optimism and generosity as he passes, all the more so as your empathy for others is increased already by the Neptune trine. In mid-July Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune form a Grand Trine in the water signs, focused intensely on those born around 27th-28th October. These people will be feeling powerfully empathic and creative, with a burst of practical ideas for helping others and creating things of beauty. With Jupiter and Saturn both involved, there’s quite a good balance between idealism and reality.

By September, Jupiter has moved on, leaving the later-born to Saturn and Pluto, and the earlier-born to Neptune’s influence. Life seems a bit more difficult- you’re more aware of limitations and opposing forces, but you have the self-discipline to overcome them with sufficient effort.

Saturn moves on at the start of October, leaving Neptune and Pluto for the next two months. There’s now a tendency to drift, to wallow in intense emotion, including your intense awareness of others’ pain and sorrow. Practical efforts to do good will require more conscious effort at this time.

Finally Pluto moves on in December, leaving Neptune as the only influence on your natal sun. Things are less intense- there’s still a tendency to drift in oceans of emotion, but not so deep as previously.


MID SCORPIO (Born 1st-10th November).

 Pluto’s mild but persistent sextile aspect is a background feature for most of this year. Of all the planets, Pluto feels most “at home” in Scorpio, since both this sign and this planet are comfortable with intensity. Your Scorpio sun-sign suggests you’re governed by powerful, inflexible emotions, slow to arouse, but equally slow to let go of feelings and relationships. You could form very passionate attachments at this time, and passionate commitments to a cause. But woe betide anyone who betrays you! This is a time to understand that other people aren’t always being deliberately wicked when they take feelings less seriously than you do.

From mid-January to April, Pluto sextiles your natal sun and Saturn conjuncts him, both concentrated on the earlier-born members of this group. Saturn draws attention to the limitations that inevitably accompany our lives on earth. But the conjunction is potentially a beneficial aspect, focusing your energies on achievable, practical endeavours, and preventing you from drifting.

From May to July Pluto is the only planet transiting your natal sun, and is still focused on the earliest-born members of this group. Life seems easier with Saturn gone, but you may find yourself wallowing in emotion instead of getting on with things.

In August-September Pluto falls back, replaced by Jupiter in trine aspect as your dominant influence, moving through the whole group. His brief visit brings a burst of enthusiasm and belief in self and others, generous and confident. As always with Jupiter’s brief visits, it’s a good idea to note down any big ideas that occur to you, for later consideration. But beware of impulsive emotional commitments at this time.

In October Saturn returns, still in conjunction to your natal sun and still focused on the earliest-born group members, while Jupiter affects the latest-born, moving on to the Late Scorpio group during his long standstill in October-November. So one group is more aware of limitations and practical needs, while for the other group all things feel possible and everyone seems deserving of your trust.

Jupiter and Saturn stay with you till the year’s end, joined by Pluto in late November, by which time Jupiter and Saturn are both focused on later-born group members while Pluto still affects the earliest-born, bringing back a mood of emotional intensity.


2013 LATE SCORPIO (Born 11th-21st November).

 This is a very quiet year for your natal sun, although that’s not to say there won’t be major transits to your natal moon and planets, and ascendant, all of which can be equally life changing experiences.

Jupiter moves briefly into the Late Scorpio group during his long standstill in October-November, which focuses his powers intensely on those born around 12th-13th November. For those affected, considerable self-control is needed to avoid extravagance and recklessness

By New Year, Saturn is moving into your area, conjunct the natal sun for the earliest-born group members. He has only just arrived but you may already be feeling his effect, focusing your efforts on more practical and achievable goals in the real world, with a realistic appreciation of potential difficulties.

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