For better accuracy, these forecasts are divided into three sections, depending your birthday.


2013 EARLY TAURUS (Born around 20th-30th April).

This year begins with Saturn opposite, Pluto trine and Neptune sextile to your natal sun. Those born at the end of April will feel these influences the most. Neptune’s is the mildest influence, but it’s also the longest lasting, persisting through the entire year, and forming the background of all your other transits. Neptune’s basic power is to “dissolve boundaries”, including the barriers between people, the boundaries between imagination and visible reality, and the border between the physical and spiritual worlds. In the mild sextile aspect, channelling this power constructively should be comparatively easy. Your empathy with other people should be enhanced. Since your earthy sun sign connects you strongly to the material world, you should be especially able to empathise with the physical needs and suffering of others. Creativity should also be enhanced by this influence, so this would be a good time to develop craft or artistic skills. It’s also a good time for developing your psychic powers and intuition, which you might know already as a “gut feeling” that guides you sometimes. Pluto, in the harmonious trine aspect, should assist you at this time. Pluto’s quality is simply to “intensify” whatever else it touches. Under Pluto’s influence, you want to “be yourself”, discarding all that has previously impeded you. You’re able and willing to face the facts, to penetrate deeply into things normally ignored or kept secret. You feel the need to “call a spade a spade”, although the empathy gained from the ongoing Neptune sextile should help you to share your insights reasonably tactfully. Saturn’s potentially difficult opposition aspect will focus your attention on the limitations in your life, and given Neptune’s empathic influence you’ll also be aware of the sorrows and oppressions suffered by other people. You’ll understand the need for practical efforts grounded in reality. Given your earthy sun sign, you’ll be especially aware of material and physical problems. You should be able to accept the need for slow, steady progress in practical affairs, so the Saturn opposition won’t be as frustrating for you as for other sun signs.

Pluto and Saturn soon fall away, leaving Neptune as your only big influence through February-March. You can continue to develop your empathy and creativity. Without Saturn, life feels easier, but you’ll need to make a conscious effort now to keep focused on achievable goals in the real world, rather than useless daydreaming and sentimental sympathising.

From April to September Saturn returns, still in opposition to your natal sun, and moving through the whole group till September. So the background influence of Neptune, empathic and creative, is joined by the practical focus of Saturn. You’re aware of limitations and practical needs, and it’s essential that you use this awareness to motivate self-discipline and increased effort, rather than developing a pessimistic outlook.

In July-August Jupiter appears in sextile aspect, moving through the whole group. Mid July sees a “Grand Trine” of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in the water signs, powerfully focused on those born around 24th-25th April. All these planets are combining their powers, with Saturn at a standstill opposite your natal sun and the other two in the harmonious trine aspect. Life could get very frustrating at this point. Everything seems slow and difficult, authorities seem unhelpful and intransigent, laws and regulations seem designed to frustrate you. The easier influences of Neptune and Jupiter can help you through this time. Neptune frees up your imagination, and helps you take a more “spiritual” outlook, “lifting you up” above the present limitations of this world. Jupiter’s expansive, optimistic influence somewhat balances the limiting influence of Saturn. However the main thing to remember is that the Saturn transit will soon be over, so life should feel easier by the end of August. Note that Jupiter is moving fast, so for each of you his injection of optimism will last only for a week or so. You need to make the most of his influence while it lasts.

From August to November Pluto reappears in trine aspect, so Saturn, Neptune and Pluto combine through August-September. Saturn and Pluto affect the latter half of the group, Neptune the earlier. So the earlier born can continue to develop their empathy and creativity in practical ways, while the later-born can be building their endurance and self-discipline, and clearing out anything that prevents the full development of their personality.

Neptune and Pluto reign together in October-November, and Neptune alone by the year’s end, still focused on the earlier part of the group. Now that Saturn has moved on, life will generally seem easier. You can take stock of what you have achieved despite the frustrations and disappointments of the long Saturn opposition. Nothing similar will happen till the next Saturn square in 2020-2021.


2013 MID TAURUS (born around 1st-10th May).

 Saturn opposes your natal sun in January, but only for the earliest part of the Mid Taurean group, born around 30th April to 2nd May. The Saturn opposition is a potentially frustrating experience, drawing your attention to the limitations of living in the material world. Life generally seems more difficult, progress is slow, authorities and regulations seem opposed to you. On the positive side, Saturn’s influence can motivate you to greater effort and self-discipline, building the powers of endurance needed to get you through life’s inevitable difficulties.

In February-May Pluto’s influence is added, in trine aspect, and focused on the same birth dates as Saturn. Pluto is an “intensifying” influence, enabling you to penetrate deep into the heart of any problems that impede your progress, discarding obsolete habits and ideas.

From April to July Pluto is the only influence on your natal sun, as Saturn has slipped backwards. Life seems easier, and authorities and regulations less restrictive. Real breakthroughs are possible if you’ve maintained your efforts and built you powers of endurance through the previous three months. You now feel able to “be yourself” more intensely than ever before.

From August to October Jupiter sextiles your natal sun. This is an “expansive” influence, increasing your belief in self and others, motivating confidence, generosity, and open-mindedness. There’s some danger of laziness and gullibility, so you need to remember that even easy progress needs some effort on your part, and that not all people deserve your trust and confidence.

From October, Saturn returns, still in opposition and now moving rapidly forward through the whole Mid Taurus group. Each of you in turn will feel his slowing, frustrating influence for a few days.

In November he is joined by Pluto, still in trine, and still focused on those born at the very start of May. Finally Jupiter reappears in December. Jupiter’s sextile is not as powerful as Saturn’s opposition, but it should mitigate Saturn’s influence to some extent, helping you to recognise opportunities and possibilities for overcoming problems and getting rid of anything that prevents you from realising your potential.


2013 LATE TAURUS (Born around 11th-19th May).

 For all the sun signs, the last third of the sign is the quietest area this year. Wise souls will take this opportunity to prepare themselves for the big transits they will be experiencing from 2016 onwards. Strengthening your genuine friendships, and learning ways to control your emotional reactions, would be a good start. In the meantime, there’s nothing much happening with your natal sun other than Jupiter sextile in October-November, affecting those born around 10th-11th May. This is a mildly “expansive” influence, enhancing your belief in yourself and in other people, increasing your self-confidence and generosity. It’s a good time for making plans and having big ideas, although it’s probably best to wait until the transit passes before committing much time, money, or emotion to your schemes. Beware of free-loaders and get-rich-quick scams, which will appear more plausible at this time.

Bear in mind that these are only sun sign forecasts. You might well be experiencing transits to your natal moon, natal planets, or Ascendant, all of which can be almost as powerful as transits to your natal sun. These transits would be revealed by an individual analysis, based on your exact date, time and place of birth.

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